WoW: PVP – Season 10 is a wrap (almost)

One of my hobbies I like to do, when I get some downtime, is play some online gaming. Specifically I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, also known as WoW. Having gamed on a Player vs Player server (PVP) for most of the time I am now just starting to get interested in this activity. For me the biggest draw to this style of gameplay is that’s its actually vs other people, as opposed to Player vs Environment (PVE) which consists of scripted fights against bosses. And of course I am getting into this just as the current Arena/PVP season is coming to a close, thing sporting event seasons here. Now we have our official date for the end of Season 10, Nov 29 2011. How was your season?! Did you fulfill any of your personal goals, get some title you really wanted, dip your toes into Rated battle grounds/Arena, or come out on top bathed in the blood of your enemies screaming for more challengers?

I haven’t played arenas much at all since the Burning Crusade expansion so for me stepping back into the arena was a bit intimidating and also an internal battle over which character to play there. I had two goals set out for myself and I was able to fulfill one of them. I wanted to get a 1500 rating in 2s and also get at least 100 played matches in. Matches check, rating… not so much. But we still have a couple of weeks and my Arena partner and I are still working towards that 1500 goal, currently at 1300. So why didn’t I get that 1500 rating? Lack of skill? Maybe… but I do shine at moments when I pull some sweet tricks out of my bag. I think it was more about not picking which class I was having the most fun on, and PVP a bit better with, in arena and trying to pick the one I wanted to have achievements on. So while I have the most fun in BGs and arena on my DK, I was playing my warrior in a gimped PVP spec in the hopes of just getting the achievement points on him. So when season 11 starts up first and foremost you should pick the class you enjoy the most and then try to find a team that fits you well.

To catch up on what has been going on the last two seasons I and with the announcement of Season 10 coming to an end and people’s match making rating (MMR) not being wiped a lot of the community was upset . After listening to the community Blizzard did actually come back and agree that MMR had to be wiped . Having started season 10 very late, and being on a break from PVP for quite some time, I have been playing catch up in what is actually happening with PVP in WoW. Apparently back in season 9 some people were able to exploit the MMR rating, did a bunch of win trading, possibly caused some client crashes and have been basically rode that rating to titles and achievements for this season also With the start of season 10 the MMR exploiting was also done by . There was a MMR fix put in and people thought it would work but in the end Current 2800-3100 teams got their ratings in the first 2 weeks and stopped queuing after the MMR fix.

OK so MMR is being reset for Season 11 in patch 4.3… will this sort out the past two seasons problems? Well the MMR will be reset so thats getting everyone back to 0 and a clean slate, so nothing carries over to next season! With everyone getting reset the first couple of weeks of arena should be pretty interesting. You may be facing someone who just stepped into the arena or you may be facing last seasons Gladiator. Blizzard’s argument was that they didn’t want new PVPers to be frustrated be being rolled but really won’t they be more frustrated at the end of the season when they realize that they never had a chance no matter how much they improve because of exploiting? Well I will be stepping into Season 11 swinging hard on the DK so I am excited to see whats going to happen.

So what were the winning team comps this season? . Much similar to season 9 the winning 3s comps seems to consist of some combination of an Affliction Warlock, a Frost mage, rogue/feral druid, and a resto shaman. Mostly the shaman/lock, and then sub in one of the other DPS. 5s gets a bit more varied but you see a lot of the same class/specs there (H. pal, resto shaman, and disc priest for healers, 1 -2 ranged (hunter/mage/lock) and/or 1-2 melee (cat/rogue/dk).

Are you ready for season 11?!




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