Windows Azure Infrastructure Services are now Generally Available

“Bring It. We Run It.”

“The cloud should be an enabler for innovation.”

“We recognize customers have a choice, and that’s why today, we are making it as easy as possible to have it all – a complete hybrid cloud platform, great support, without a price barrier. ”

What a bunch of great taglines and slogans! While I was told that the Windows Azure Infrastructure Services went GA 1 hour before one of my MMS 2013 sessions last week, it appears that Microsoft is saying it went GA today. So it is official today, the IaaS + PaaS + hybrid scenarios know as Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, is live and generally available.

There was a blog that came up earlier today on the MSDN blogs site with a statement from Microsoft and some customer use cases. This post is interesting because it directly calls out Amazon’s pricing and that Microsoft will be at least matching their costs (compute / Storage / Bandwidth). This seems pretty aggressive on Microsoft’s part and honestly, I like it! Microsoft has seemed to be a bit slow to move on things in the past but this is quickly changing as of 2012. Go over to the pricing site to see what kinds of infrastructure you can build and how much it will cost you.

There are a couple more technical posts that came out that look pretty good and I am making my way through those now. Be sure to look at Scott Gu’s Blog to get some nice screen shots, a getting started walk-through, building Azure virtual networks and some of the monitoring available. If you are interested in getting your hands on a SQL 2012 server, Scott takes a look at how you can get new VM image templates pre-built.




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