Windows 8 Dev in VMware Workstation 8

After following the download instructions for VMware Workstation 8 and Windows Dev 8 in the previous post you will want to take note of the temp, or perm, key listed here when you log into the VMware site.

Run the VMware Workstation installer and behold the new Workstation home - very nice!

Select, Create a new virtual machine and take the typical settings.

Be sure to choose install later or the install will blow up when it doesn't find the Win8 product key in the unattend.xml file

Windows 7 x64 works.

Name it and choose the location you intend to install all your VMs

The Windows store is currently empty to 40GB should work.

Click customize hardware and drag the memory slider up to 2GB min.

When powering up the VM you will have to enter the Workstation product key if you haven't yet.

You know you want to buy it!

Booting. Get ready to select your Windows Iso you downloaded.

Nice spinny.

I think I have seen this before...

Yes I have...

Choose Custom.

Welcome to Windows 8 Dev. Enter in all the information required.




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