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Warriors come out and play yay…

Welcome to WoW 5.0! OK so it’s not here yet but, I am sure it will be here “soon”. I have been playing my warrior since the end of The Burning Crusade expansion and, if Blizzard doesn’t break the class any further, I will probably continue to play it in MoP. But… this post isn’t about what I think Blizzard should be doing with rage generation, class design, or the types of talents that I wish were included in 5.0. What this is though, is a look at the talents as they are now in beta. This is version 5.0.3 (15882) July 16 2012 build. I feel pretty comfortable writing about these talents now as I think these are what we are going to get when MoP goes live. I am writing this from a DPS/Arms/raid perspective so I will explain why I selected the talents I did as well.  Blizzard has stated that they want all of these choices to be hard to make so I want to try and rationalize out what I can select to get the most gains in a raid setting.

The MoP 5.0.3 Warrior Talent Tree

The MoP 5.0.3 Warrior Talent Tree

These are the talent summaries.

Warrior Talents

I enjoy playing a DPS warrior for multiple reasons.  I enjoy the visceral feel of charging, leaping and intervening around the battlefield and bringing ruin to the enemy.  I enjoy out DPSing other warriors because I am both a bit cocky in game and I am pretty sure many other warriors, through experience over the past 8 years of the game, feel the same way.  So do these talents I picked touch upon that ‘feeling’ side of mashing the key and wrecking a mob, or trying to produce big numbers and end up on the wowprogress/guild progress top 200 boards?  BOTH!  While some of these talents are a bit meh for me, I more or less feel like this is a pretty decent build.  I think the theory crafters are going to have a bit harder time determining the ‘best’ talents to pick this time around.  That’s of course assuming that most of them haven’t quit by now.  So why did I choose what I did for these talents?  I will run down my selections by level tier.  Where motivated to do so I will try and show any advantage where I can.

Level 15:  Lets get physical… er mobile.

Juggernaut:  I will probably stick with Juggernaut.  Generally as DPS, when I charge into a fight (Raid) I am at least on that mob for 12 seconds.  When I do this, this generates 10 rage and a nice 1.5 second stun.  As we all know… rage is good.  I really like having a 12 second CD on this and  anything longer feels too long.  If I need to initiate on the boss to gain some rage, before peeling to and add with a pool to spend, then 12 secs is great.  With Arms gaining rage to spend through white damage, I should be able to peel to a those early adds with 20 rage from boss charge + 3 hits + 20 rage on the add charge.   Over a minute, this should be a rage gain advantage.  (60 seconds / 12 sec CD = 5 uses per minute = 100 rage per minute).

Double Time:  If DT was still setup to double dip on rage generation I would probably take it.  I would end up charging an alternate target and then my main target.  This would allow you to start a fight with 40 rage just from DT.  However that isn’t the case anymore and you only gain from the initial charge.  Some people could probably make the argument that you can squeak out a slight bit more CC (1.5 sec stun on initial target), gain 20 rage, then go to your ‘real’ target with another 1.5 second stun.  But also as you are traveling from target 1 to 2, you are not gaining rage through white damage or hitting any special attacks to pump the meter up.  For PVP this may be a great flag running talent (charge to enemy->charge to enemy->Heroic leap->Intervene ally) but for PVE I don’t think I will be using it.  In the end you are on a 20 second CD with 20 rage gained.   Rage loss (non-gains) compared to Jug.  (60 seconds / 20 second CD = 3 rage gains over a minutes = 60 rage).

Warbringer:  I see this mainly being used in PVP.  However if a raider can live with a 20 second CD on charge, and most of us probably could, then maybe the healers might be a bit happier?  The 3 seconds of damage not being dropped on a tank every 20 seconds might add up over a night of raiding.  (60 seconds / 20 second CD = 3 rage gains over a minutes = 60 rage).

*The rage generations listed in these talents are probably optimal, if not slightly unobtainable. Travel time between mobs with the 8 yard minimum distance, the 2 GCDs of 2 charges with DT, etc.

Level 30:  I want to liveeeeeeeee!

I started off very much so in favor of Impending Victory but I am thinking strongly on Second Wind for PVE now.  I would love to hear reasons why Impending Victory or Enraged Regeneration are better for PVE.

Enraged Regeneration:  Some people tend to downplay the usefulness of Enraged Regeneration (ER).  And I think of it as an ER… patch me up quick to where I am not going to die right now!  Maybe in 20 seconds but not right now!  In the past I have had pretty good luck keeping myself up for a while by dropping a bloodthrist into Berserker Rage into ER.  Yes it has save my butt so many times.  So will I be taking this as an Arms warrior on live?  Nope, at least not at launch.  See Impending Victory.   An example:  100K health.  Go down to 10K health.  Pop ER and you are back to 20K instantly, 30K 5 seconds later… so 5 seconds to gain 20K health.  This, as do the other 2, scale up (health per second) as your health pool increases. 1 minute CD.

Second Wind:  Again, I feel this is mainly PVP related.  However as I have been looking at this one talent over the last hour and talking to several people about it, running some numbers, etc… I am liking it more then I was before for PVE.  I could see where a healer may be able to save some mana if you are not in immediate danger of dying.  Yes it will probably have situational uses in some fights but all in all I still don’t think this is the best choice on this level tier with the other two talents available to us.  Its usually the burst that kills us before a healer gets to us vs an over time.  And if it’s an over time then probably more people are dying than just you.  This may get better and better as we go along from tier to tier.  This may also be great for tanks.  I am not sure if this has any type of internal cooldown (I don’t think it does) but this is the way of how I understand the first part to work.  “Passive:  Whenever you are below 35% health, you regenerate 30% health per second.”  An example:  So if I have 100K health, I go below 35% health to 10% health remaining, then I gain at a rate of 3000 (HP x .03) health per second until I reach 35% again.  In that same 5 second window as above, I would gain 15K health vs 20K.  However, this will continue to tick if you are below that 35% mark.  So you won’t have as much burst self heal, but you will probably have more total gains.  The second component to this is a rage gain that’s decent.

Impending Victory:  You are a warrior!  You hit stuff… hopefully hard!  Do you want to run away while ER or SW heal you up or do you want to wail on something?  This may be more important for Fury to take as a gap filler. Fury seems to be rage starved with the current rage numbers and currently this is a cheap 10 rage attack.  But lets look at this as a heal (and it does damage!).  ER will give you 20% hit points (HP) over 1 minute.  Impending victory will also give you 20% over a minute, but doled out in 10% chunks (instant heal) available every 30 seconds.   So there’s not quite as much burst heal as there is with ER, but more than there is with SW.  The 2nd part to this is also nice.  “Killing an enemy that yields exp or honor resets the CD of IV and causes your next IV to heal you for 20% of max HP.”  As a warrior I have victory rush popping all the time in raids.  I would also expect this to be popping often, giving you a potential of many extra IVs over a minute.  When in doubt, turn around and hit it!

Level 45 and beyond coming “soon”.




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