Warrior MoP Talents – Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous post, . This post picks up at the level 45 talents.

Level 45: Stop it!

Your choices here are AOE root > AOE snare > AOE spell interrupt. I think all of these are more suited to PVP than PVE, but if you have a lot of runners in a dungeon then maybe you can find some use for a couple of these. I am pretty underwhelmed by this tier of talents. This would probably be one of those tiers that I would ask for something more exciting from Blizzard.

Staggering Shout: For PVE DPS I would probably select this talent. If I am hitting this button I would imagine I am doing so to support the tanks and want to slow (stop) mobs down for them. There may be times this could save a runner from pulling additional packs and causing an overwhelming mob situation. I don’t like the 40 second CD but I am guessing this is a PVP balance issue rearing it’s ugly head in PVE. This would have been great in BC and Cata starter dungeons but from what I have been in so far (4) the new dungeons are not that challenging.

Piercing Howl: As DPS I don’t think I would take this, unless yet again I was supporting a tank. Possibly a tank would need help slowing down adds they are kiting and I would be hitting one of them from behind in an effort to burn them down. Now if I was tanking, I would surely take this. This is a great kiting ability for warriors and it’s only going to cost you 10 rage.

Disrupting Shout: An AOE spell interrupt. If this works on bosses then this might be decent for that. I could see all sorts of fun behind had with this in the Alterac Valley BG as people pile into a throne room, but in PVE I expect this to not work against a boss. Am I incorrect in thinking this? If it does work against a boss then this may be decent. If I was on add duty I would have my focus on the boss and look for that particular cast that I was assisting with interrupt duty on. This combined with pummel will give warriors an extra oh $h*T interrupt that many other classes won’t have access to as the CDs on these abilities seem to have been increased for many in MoP.

Level 60: Kill it dead!

This tier, along with the level 90, I think will require the most testing. This and the level 90 I anticipate being inaccurate on because I haven’t done enough testing or seen enough numbers. I have spent a decent amount of time testing these out so far and but will require a bit more. I was standing still when I grabbed the numbers off the tool tips and had no buffs (I think) to modify numbers. If I were to take a reasonable guess I think that what I am saying could be true. I think the usefulness (see damage done) of each ability will vary based on the number of mobs that you have to attack and the positioning of the mobs.

-For single target I think the most damage can be done in a single attack by Dragon Roar > Bladestorm > Shockwave. However over a minute it may be Shockwave > Dragon Roar > Bladestorm.
-For kiting piles of mobs, possibly a gauntlet event where stuff is always in front of you, and depending on the distance from you… it could be Shockwave > Dragon Roar > Bladestorm.
-If there are piles of mobs all over the place it would probably be Dragon Roar > Bladestorm > Shockwave.

I didn’t see a formula in my searching but I possibly didn’t look hard enough. I think the formula for Bladstomres looks as follows. You are talking (X mobs) to hit for 120% x Weapon damage x 6 seconds. I had the Skullstealer Greataxe equipped (1488 DPS). I also didn’t have any extra buffs on me and wasn’t in combat when I took those screen shots of the tool tips.

(X) x ((120 x 1488) x 6 ) =
(X) x 10665 =

Going by tooltips, and a single use, I see 10665 damage to a single unit for Bladestorm VS 10317 for Shockwave VS 27,729 for Dragon Roar.

Now that we have a single target use… how much damage can we do in a minute vs a single mobs?

Bladestorm (1.5 min CD – 6 seconds – no rage): 10665
Shockwave (20 second CD – instant – no rage): 3 x 10317 = 30951
Dragon Roar (1 min CD – instant – no rage): 27729

So it looks like over a minute Shockwave would win. In a single use, I need to push this to try to do this last bit of damage before I die and hopefully help the raid win, looks like dragon roar would win.

Now I think the harder choice comes down to what am I doing, who am I doing it to, and how many of them are there ;). If you were tanking your choice may be different. If you were kiting mobs as a tank, or just tanking a bunch of adds, I think I would be taking Shockwave. However as a DPS I may not have all the adds in front of me. I think I would take Dragon Roar. This is a 360 degree attack, on a 1 minute CD, and isn’t as position dependent as Shockwave.




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