SWTOR: The Crafting System

I am in beta for a new MMO that will be coming out on Dec 20th called SWTOR – Starwars The Old Republic. I have been working on a post up on our guild site about the crafting system and for the 1st time in a while I am actually interested in a crafting system in a game. Below is the information I have compiled so far about crafting. I will try to keep my post from our guild site and this post in sync (maybe?). This is a link to the official site http://www.swtor.com/info/systems/crew-skills

SWTOR CrewSkills

SWTOR CrewSkills


•you can have 1(or 0) crafting skill, no limit on gathering skills, and mission skills
•you can learn all crew skills on Dromund Kaas / Coruscant, after those planets, you will find every crew skill trainer on every planet’s main base (main base is where your ship arrives)
•you can discover rare recipes while using crafting skills (I mean when your companions are using crafting skills)
•there are some companions with bonuses like “cybertech critical +1″, it gives the companion more chance to discover rare recipes
•you can only do gathering skills, your companions can do everything
•yes, your droid is a companion
•every character knows reverse engineering, and you can reverse items your companions made (not all of them, for example you can’t reverse mods)
•You can view the crew skills via the codex (Press L and select the codex tab)
•Players will have three crew skill slots to fill with any combination of Gathering, Crafting, Mission skills. However, a player may not fill more than one slot with a crafting skill. This will force specialization and make sure that players are not self-sufficient when it comes to crafting. You could have a mission skill, gathering and crafting or two gathering and one crafting
•Companion bonuses to skills are currently mild so that players will not feel they can’t take companions out on the field because they are too valuable on the ship taking advantage of their bonuses.
•Only companions do the actual crafting.
•You will not see anyone’s companions running around completing their assigned tasks.
•Devs are working hard to make sure crafting has a place in the economy, especially at end game, especially for devoted crafters.
•Devs are working hard to create a system in which some crafters become so skilled that they become renowned on the server for certain items.
•You do not need special workbenches to make items
•Crafting is based on time invested more than XP level. Do not expect to decide to become a Master Crafter over a weekend
•Some recipes will be limited per server to make them rare
•If you wish to do the harvesting/gathering yourself you can. Its not limited to your companions
•Crafting missions can take between 5mins to 24hrs
•All crew skill trainers are available at the Capital worlds.
•There are no limitations on what class does what type of crafting
•The majority of crew skill missions are accessed from a pool of random missions but some are unlocked when you find rare items which give better rewards.
•Companions can not die while on Crafting missions but they can fail. If it fails the lost inured is the credits it cost you to send your companion on the mission
•Your crew does not have skills themselves. The crew skills they can use are based on the crafting skills your main character has.
•The maximum number of crew that can perform any crafting skill, at one time, is 5. Any others spare could be doing missions, gathering or traveling with the main character

Gathering Skills

•You harvest materials from that node, like you did in wow
•You can harvest some materials from it, just like with skinnig beasts in wow

Missions that can yield raw synthetic materials. Clear crystals, color crystals, and artifact fragments are now separate potential mission rewards. The player can select which kind of mission to undertake. “Cultural artifact” and “historical record” nodes have been replaced by “archaeological find” nodes.

•How it works: There are crystal nodes on the planets, and you can “mine” from them.
•What it gives: Color crystals (for lightsaber mods), power crystals (basic material for lightsaber, and force user armor stuff), artifact fragments (datacron assembling stuff).
•What crafting skill uses it: Artifice, synthweaving.
Note: Nothing extra. It works exactly like mining in wow, minus the mining pick.

The practice of collecting genetic material from creatures and plants. Biochem resource missions. missions that can yield implant processors and medical supplies.

•How it works: There are some plants on the planets, which you can “mine”. Other than that, you can “skin” strong / elite / boss bioligical enemies.
•What it gives: Generic materials (basic biochem material).
•What crafting skill uses it: Biochem.
Note: Nothing extra. I think you get the idea here.

The art of recovering useful materials and parts from old or damaged technology. missions that can yield vendor crafting materials (fluxes, etc). Metals and synthetics are now separate potential mission rewards. The player can select which kind of mission to undertake.

•How it works: There are scrap nodes, metals, and stuff like that on the planets. You can “mine” from them. Other than those, you can “skin” strong / elite / boss droids.
•What it gives: Metals (basic materials for armormech, armstech, and cybertech).
•What crafting skill uses it: Armormech, armstech, cybertech.
Note: Very easy to level, because there are shitloads of strong / elite / boss droids in the game.

A skill in accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics. Removed all Cheap quality loot from Slicing rewards.

•How it works: There are electronic safes, broken computers, data storage units, and other stuff like that on the planets, and you can “mine” from them.
•What it gives: Lockboxes, and the lockboxes can contaion: money (mostly), items, blue cybertech materials.
•What crafting skill uses it: Cybertech.
Note: If you have slicing, you’re rich, if you don’t have, you’re poor.


The ability to work with hard metals and electronic shielding to construct all types of personal armor.

•Light, medium, heavy armor for all non-force users, for the following slots: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs.

This skill specializes in creating weapons like the Assault Cannon, Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle and Sniper Rifle. It also allows a player to craft weapon modifications: Barrels, Scopes and Triggers.

•assault cannon
•blaster pistol
•blaster rifle
•sniper rifle
•barrel (ranged weapon mod)
•color cartridge (ranged weapon mod, it determines your blaster’s laser color – works the same as color crystals, so red, blue, green can be learned from trainers, other colors are rare)
•scope (ranged weapon mod)
•trigger (ranged weapon mod)

The delicate work of constructing Jedi and Sith artifacts. This skill specializes in creating modifications for items, including lightsabers – something Jedi will covet during their travels. The item categories the Artifice skill can craft are: Circuitry, Emitter Matrix, Focus Crystal, Focus Lens, Gadget, Harness, Overlay, Underlay and Resonance Crystal.

•color crystal (lightsaber mod – normal (green) recipes can teach you green, blue, and red)
•emitter matrix (lightsaber mod)
•focus lens (lightsaber mod)
•hilt (lightsaber mod)
•power crystal (lightsaber mod)
•offhand gadget (jugger’s offhand shield item)
•feet (item slot)
•wrist (item slot)
•harness (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
•overlay (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))
•underlay (armor mod (str + end, willpower + end))

This skill specializes in Droid upgrades, but can also craft earpieces. They also make modifications for certain items: Harnesses, Overlays, Underlays, Circuitry, Gadgets and Generators. grenade and droid armor craftable items. Tech wrists and boots are now craftable.

•droid armor (core, motor, sensor unit, parts – works the same as armormech for non-furce users, or syntweaving for force users)
•ear (item slot)
•feet (item slot)
•wrist (item slot)
•offhand gadget (powertech offhand shield item)
•granedes (nothing to explain on that)
•harness (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
•overlay (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))
•underlay (armor mod (agi + end, cunning + end))

This skill specializes in creating armor, allowing a player to craft light, medium and heavy variations.

•Light, medium, heavy armor for all force users, for the following slots: Head, chest, hand, waist, legs.

The engineering of performance-enhancing chemical serums and biological implants. Allows the creation of performance-enhancing serums and various implants. You can consider this the ‘potion maker’ of The Old Republic. craftable Med Units, which function as ranged Medpac heals.

•adrenal (15 sec strong buff, 3 min cd)
•implant (item slot)
•medkit (“healing potion”, 90 sec cd)
•med unit (same as medkit, you can use these on allies within 10 meters)
•stimulant (1 hour stat buff, you can have 1 at a time)

Mission Skills

The art of conducting and managing negotiations . Recalibrated light and dark side balance and rewards. Diplomacy missions can now yield light armor materials and Companion gifts. Light armor materials and Companion gifts are now separate potential mission rewards. The player can select which kind of mission to undertake.

•dark/light side point
•blue Synthweaving material
•companion gift

Can now yield Prototype schematics for all Crafting Skills. Investigation missions can now yield medium armor materials and Companion gifts. Medium armor materials, schematics, and Companion gifts are now separate potential mission rewards. The player can select which kind of mission to undertake.

•purple recipe for any of the crafting skills
•blue Armormech, Synthweaving material
•companion gift

Treasure Hunting
The ability to track down and recover valuable items by investigating a series of clues. Treasure Hunting can now yield gemstones, lockboxes, Companion gifts, and gift fragments. Gift fragments can be acquired by sending Companions on missions that potentially yield Companion gifts, and can be of Premium, Prototype, or Artifact quality. Fragments can be turned in to the Curator on Nar Shaddaa for an equivalent quality Companion gift. Gemstones, lockboxes, and Companion gifts are now separate potential mission rewards. The player can select which kind of mission to undertake.

•blue Armsmech material
•blue Artifice material
•lockbox (the same as in slicing)
•companion gift

Underworld Trading
Can now yield heavy armor materials, spices, and companion gifts. Heavy armor materials, spices, and Companion gifts are now separate potential mission rewards. The player can select which kind of mission to undertake.




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