SCCM 2012: RBA Viewer

It doesn’t work… I don’t see it… I can’t do X. If you read my previous post on the security scopes, you will know there are a lot of different views that a user can be granted access to. Since Config Manager approaches the console views and permissions with a great security model, show the least and build from there, users may indeed not see a certain view in the navigational panes on the left. If you haven’t granted users access to something under a specific wunderbar, then they may not even see a specific main bar. Very niceeeeee!

So you have read my post on security scopes, and think you have granted access to a particular area to a user, the next step is to use the RBA viewer. If you want to see what the user sees when they launch the console, this is the utility that you are going to use. This tool is available through the System Center 2012 SP1 tool kit and is available If you are going to be sending this out to other admins to use, add the application to SCCM so you can send it out to clients / managed workstations. Keep in mind you need to install this on a point that also has the console installed.

When you first launch the application you can select either a default role or a custom role that you have configured and associated with the particular user.









Use the Runas feature to run the console as someone else and see what they see: Domain\user. From there you can traverse the console and see what the user sees when they launch the console. Super!

If you want to create custom roles, and find it painful to do so in CM, then this tool will also help. Simply launch the tool and pick the role you want to modify. Use the right menu to change the views and privileges. When you are done, export the role as XML and import in the SCCM console.

Not only has this been a helpful tool in learning the different views and security scopes as a SCCM admin, but it has already been really helpful in administering the users of CM. While it would be better if this was actually integrated in CM itself, I have really no other complaints about the tool than that. Free tools made by MS… yes, please!




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