Redragon Perdition 16400 DPI 18 button mouse

Figured I would throw a 5 second review up on a new mouse that I bought while my Naga is being RMAed. This is coming from 1 weeks of use so of course my opinion could change down the road.

Redragon Perdition



I have never heard of this company before and that makes me a bit nervous. Luckily though the mouse was 1/2 off ($50) when I bought it so that made it a bit easier to pull the trigger. This mouse also had a laundry list of of features so I will just cover each one and my thoughts on them.

1) The 12 side thumb buttons

This is a must for me now on any mouse. The range of 2-5 buttons on my right hand, more if you use alt/shift modifiers with them, are not enough. On these mice I always use 1-6 for twitch/placement abilities and 10-12 for various mounts. Additionally I use alt + 1-6 for more abilities. To lose this functionality would be a bad day, and indeed it was when I had to go to a 2 button mouse for a couple of days.
These buttons on this mouse feel pretty solid and give a bit of a click when I depress them that is audible. They are not as pronounced as my mechanical keyboard but they seem to be more mechanicaly (made up word) than my Naga’s side buttons. I think I like the actual switch in these better than the Naga’s as they feel a bit more solid and give more feedback.

These buttons, as opposed to the Naga’s, are concave between the 1-6 and 7-12. You can see it in the pictured how the rows alternate pointing towards each other. If you have large thumbs this has been a bit of an issue and I have to be a bit more careful in my key selection vs the seemingly easier to select Naga’s. If they were flat, or even the whole thing convex like a bubble, I think I would them better.

2)16400 DPI

OMGGGGGGGG! I have this cranked down to 5000 and that may even be still too high. I have the mouse setting under control panel very low and the mouse set to 5000 DPI. Moving the mouse 1″ on my desk is akin to 3-4″ on my monitor. You can keep 5 different DPI settings registered at any time and switch on the fly.

3)Left / right click

These feel super solid and have yet to register a false click. Meaning pressing on the left hasn’t triggered the right. I have had this happen on some mice if I am a bit spirited in pressing the keys.

4)Mouse covering

Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads and contour body for ultimate gaming control. The mouse feels super high quality and I have yet to lose my grip on it. I need a good sweaty palm play session in some heroics raids to test this further but so far so good. I like the feel of this mouse better than my Naga.

5)The colorsss man, the colors!

You can pick between 1000s? of LED colors on this. There are maybe 15-20 main colors that you pick, and then you can open the color pallet in that range to further change them. The scroll wheel is set to the color of your currently selected DPI setting range I think, so that may not match the mouse. I currently have my mouse mapped to an aqua blue and I LOVE it!


I have never had a weighted mouse before this one. I have tested removing portions, and all, of the weights in the mouse and I can’t feel too much of a difference. I have been leaving all of the weights in though as it does seem to add a bit of weight and in turn make the mouse feel more solid. A nice quality touch for the package as a whole is that it comes with a case to store the weights in should you not want to use some.


Your imagination seems to be the limit on programming the buttons on this mouse. You can assign typed in macros to each key, key combos (shift + 1), etc. This was super easy to setup with the provided software. You can then just map that key combo to keybinds in games and it just works.

Overall I am very happy with this mouse. It feels super solid, comes packaged and presented well. The weakest part for me are the angles on the thumb keys but I have been adjusting quickly to them. I am going to guess that the construction of this mouse is better than the Naga, but I like the feel of the Naga’s thumb buttons better. Taking the thumb buttons out of the equation I would think that this is a better mouse. It feels better, it seems more solid, the buttons themselves seem better and the customization you can do to the colors/key combos is very good.

I would say buy it if you want to get a mouse for $50. If you want to spend 30 – 50% more then investigate a Naga or maybe the G600.




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