New Improved Mobile Android App for the VMware KB

Who doesn’t love a good Knowledge base site?  Chances are if you have ever had to support any software you have been to the vendor’s KB site.  VMware offers a wealth of knowledge on their website and, like many other companies,  has been continually growing the community around their products.  You will not only get traditional KB articles pointing to specific problems but also Whitepapers, documentation, KBTV,  VMware articles, and more.  Today VMware announced a New VMware KB App native to Android:

We are pleased to announce the availability of an enhanced client version of the VMware KB native Android app.

We can offer our Android users an improved user experience for native Android apps, featuring:

  • Faster startup and loading times
  • Improved response time for users’ gestures
  • Smoother page transitions and scrolling
  • Scrolling between mobile app tabs
  • Android native “Back” button capability

The new native Android version of your mobile app is updated and ready to be uploaded to the Android Market. Get it now! Open this URL with your Smartphone: scan this QR code-

VMare KB QR Code


When you navigate to the the app via the QR code, one of the first things you may notice are the tabs at the bottom.  Listed along the bottom is Search, KBTV, Twitter, Insider, and Top 20.  Search has a pretty obvious function, search thorough KB articles.  KBTV is basically a video blog and howto that was started by VMware beginning in December 2010.  If you have never been to KBTV, and work with VMware products, its definitely worthwhile to go check it out.  There are videos ranging from product features to install guides and also a bunch of footage from this years VMworld 2011.  Insider will give you a mobile formatted version of the posts that go up on VMware KB everyday so they seem to be a bit easier to read the just navigating to the website.  The last tab, Top 20, gives the standard top 20 read KB articles of the week.

Whether you are commuting to work or need to look up some information while in the datacenter, the VMware KB App has a lot to offer and is worth checking out.




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