Monitors: 144hz vs IPS panel vs Korean IPS overclocks to 120hz

I have been talking to a couple of people lately about refreshing gaming hardware. I am in the market now as well to upgrade some parts or build a new gaming computer. Since I am currently running on a i7-2600K / SATA 3 SSDs/ 32GB 1866 RAM, I don’t necessarily have to upgrade those parts. So the first two of the major components that I want to upgrade are my video card and my monitor. I am gaming on a ViewSonic VX2739wm right now, which is a 1ms refresh rate TN panel, but it is capped at 1080p and 60hz refresh rate. If you are going to be getting a GTX 760 or better, which a lot of people are if they are buying new cards now, they all have the following resolutions / refresh rates available to them.

240 Hz Max Refresh Rate
Max Analog : 2048×1536
Max Digital : 4096×2160

Now you need to make a choice as to what monitor you want. One choice is that you can go with a super high resolution IPS panel that can go to 2560×1440 at 60hz. IPS panels are generally thought of as more accurate color but tend to be slower refresh. Alternatively you can go with a high refresh rate (120hz/144hz) at 1080p, but those are generally TN panels that tend to not be as color accurate. So we like IPS panels because they look very nice, we like high resolution to get more real estate and to have smaller dots on the screen, and we like faster refresh because we don’t see jagged edges as we whip the camera around. What I was really looking for was a IPS panel (because they look great) that goes to that high resolution that has a very high refresh rate (< 60hz). Apparently there is a solution people are using for this, Korean IPS panels that are overclocked! Here is a write-up on comparing some of the major brands and the ability to clock them up to 120hz (YMMV).

Here is a little write-up someone did comparing one of these panels to an Apple monitor, just to give you an idea about how nice these are. There are quite a few brands out

there and they should all be about the same.

If you are not feeling brave about trying to overclock your monitor or go with an IPS panel, but strictly want to get as fast refresh as possible, then you’re going with one of the 144hz monitors. Super! If you do that then you should be sure to check out the lightboost tech over at blurbusters.


With lightboost you can even get faster response times from a 144hz monitor.

Here is a video demo of what it looks like when you strobe the screen @ 120hz+

So… what are you going with in the next hardware refresh? IPS panel, Korean overclock IPS panel, or a 144hz refresh monitor? Not sure how brave I am feeling yet… I may have to go with the 144hz.




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