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If you are a Windows System Administrator there is a good chance you already have some Microsoft Security RSS feeds dropping into your reader. If you don’t have any, this post if for you. You can of course reach out to the different MS sites to read this, but it’s even easier to just pull them up in your reader.

Monthly Security Notifications

You know them you love them… Microsoft Security Bulletins. Every patch Tuesday (2nd Tuesday at 1PM every month) Microsoft publishes the in band security patches. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you what patches are coming out and syncing with your SCCM or WSUS server. If you haunt the bulletins page, you can even see them populate from the generic Bulletin 1 to MSXX-XXX right before your eyes! When you see the bulletins populate, they are ready to sync. If you want information on the upcoming patches, and the monthly webcast talking about these patches, follow these RSS feeds.

Advanced notification of bulletins

Security for IT Professionals

Security Advisories Alerts

These are notifications on KB articles. If it isn’t landing in a monthly bulletin, but MS wants to alert you about it, it will come out on this list. These are discovered and publicly advertised items of concern. Think of these as PSAs about things going on out in the wilds that may soon become a concern to you.

Security Advisories Alerts

Microsoft Security Response Center Blog Alerts

Have you seen the monthly blogcast these guys do? These guys know, and make, the bulletins that we see coming out each month. Follow this to get notified about some interesting blog posts that the MSRC team is putting out. You will see little lulls between Super Tuesdays, and then a flurry of posts going up.

Microsoft Security Response Center




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