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Life has been very busy lately. As work gets busier and busier I have been spending less of my down time on the computer… hence the lack of posting here. I have been getting into some new hobbies, spending quite a bit of time with my very active 2 year old, and of course trying to spend as much time with the wife as possible. I just want to toss some ideas out there for future posts, partially so the few people that wander on here know there will be something new, and also in an effort to hold myself to those posts.

So work things that I have been doing that I want to write about:

1.Working with the EMC VNX 5500 Block.
We recently purchased one of these and have it up in our VMware production environment. I am sure we all like getting additional storage in our environment but also I have been liking the Unisphere Client quite a bit. I have also started using this client to connect to my other EMC SANs in the environment vs going to the web front end.

2.Migrating to vSphere 5.
This is now the 4th version of the VMware enterprise environment that I have worked with. Generally every 1.5 years we go up to the next version and we are now on the current version, ESXi 5/ vSphere 5. So far so good. No major problems with this release for us. I have had some quirkyness with the Syslog collector that I run on the vCenter, and possibly the ESXi crashlog… but all in all it’s been working great for the past 3 months in production.

3.Specops password reset
We are in the process of bringing the Specops password reset software up. I have it running on a small test group of users currently but should have it running in a 2x,xxx user environment soon. So far so good. I anticipate our Help Desk to have fewer calls in regards to passwords very soon. With the reporting tool it will be interesting to see the over time trends of users shifting towards helping themselves with this software vs still involving the Help Desk to reset passwords with this new software.

4.vRanger 5.3 (now 5.4)
I am migrating from vReplicator to vRanger 5.4. I was very close to having 5.3 up and running, but much prefered the 1 VA per cluster option with 5.4. VAs just deployed earlier today.

Offline activities:

1.Lemons racing.
If you are not familiar with Lemons racing, you should go check it out if you have any interest at all in racing. Since I won’t be purchasing an island for myself anytime soon, I equally won’t be purchasing myself an expensive race car. Grassroots budget racing has been gaining in popularity over the past years and now I think is a good time for me to enter the sport. The 2 second summary on Lemons is basically buying a $500 Craigslist car, prepping it to race, and then going to real paved street race tracks around the country to race for under $1000. Generally there will be 4-5 people per car. I have done 2 races so far and the wheel to wheel racing is highly addictive. Go check it out!

In some of the past posts I talked about my Trek 7.2 hybrid I picked up. I have been continuing to bike ~3-4 times a month. I would like to do a product and impressions update on the Trek, my feelings on getting back into biking, and biking in MD.

3.House ownership
Whew… what a lot of work. I purchased a house last April. I am currently 1/2 way through a kitchen renovation project. Having been in apartments for the past 10 years you really start to lean on the apartment complex handymen. Now that own a house I have been trying to keep many of other costs (repairs/upkeep) low by doing most of the work myself. Numerous plumbing repairs, outside water drainage issues during heavy storms, kitchen reno… yeah its a side job. Ha.

Online activities:

I have always enjoyed online gaming. I don’t quite have a 100% aversion to computers while out of work so I have still been trying to get some gaming time in to just ‘veg out’ and decompress. I have been primarly playing in the Mists of Pandara (MoP) beta and would love to post about the new class; The monk.

2.Diablo III
Long time anticipated, building on a giant of a game… will this game live up to the expectations of gamers? For me… no. I have posted some on my guild forums and will post some of my discussions about D3 up here after I flesh out some of my gripes a bit more.





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