But what about VUM?

If you are updating your VMware environments often you may have forgotten about the VMware KBs, Update sequence for vSphere {version X}. Since vSphere 6 is now available I decided to have a look through the new KB.

For reference here are some of the past KBs and the new vSphere 6:

Update sequence for vSphere 5.1
Update sequence for vSphere 5.5
Update sequence for vSphere 6.0

While looking through vSphere 6’s, and back through 5.x’s I noticed something was missing in the previous KBs. Do you see what it is missing?



And vSphere 6:

Does this mean that people weren’t updating VUM along with their vCenter and host updates? I guess I always got into the habit of updating VUM after my vCenter and before I did my hosts somehow. Apparently I can’t attribute that do these documents. If you are new to VMware, remember to read KBs… and forums… and VUMG… etc.




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